The Mission of the association...

The mission of the association is to provide an open forum for the networking of our members to proactively discuss safety, loss control and risk management issues. The knowledge gained through our membership meetings can be a valuable tool for members take back to their work place to share and enhance their safety programs.

CenDak Objectives...
Our Objectives are Clear


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Announcements and Upcoming Events

Central Dakota Safety Association Membership Drive

Thank you for your continued support.  Please renew your membership to maintain an active member.  Please note that you can add a second organization member for 50% off.  Please see the Membership page for details!

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Monthly Membership Meeting

Join us at the Monthly Meeting. A great way to network with like minded local business owners and decision makers. You will also have the opportunity to promote your business by distributing marketing materials to all attendees if you so desire.


Meetings will now be held at the Elks in the upstairs bar meeting room.


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